Google Drive for Work

The unlimited cloud-based file storage perfect for your business

Besides being accessible from computer web browsers, Google Drive for Work can also be accessed on the go from smartphones and tablets

Unlimited file storage*

With unlimited storage for files, folders, backups, etc. and automatic synchronization between desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets, files can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Management/Archive function

Ability to keep records of emails and chats for a specified period of time. The designated retention time can be set to each individual client organization's compliance requirements, it is also possible to store data indefinitely. Furthermore, content that has been deleted by users can still be retained.

Ability to use all Google Apps functions

Possible to use Google apps functions such as Gmail, video conferencing, and document/spreadsheet creation, thus making for an attractive package that is indispensible to businesses.

Google Apps for Work: Case introduction


Various functions specifically designed for business are available.


With a large mailbox capacity and fast search functionality, Gmail allows speedy access to necessary information.

Google Calendar

The schedule sharing function makes it easy to organize meetings.

Google Drive

Ability to keep files in the cloud, thus allowing access from browsers.

Google Document, Google Spreadsheet, Google Presentation

Ability to share and edit files from different places in real time

Google Hangouts

Hangouts provides the functionality to instantly start a video conference thus facilitatingmore efficient, effective communication.

Google Site

Google Site allows the creation and sharing of information through in-house portal sites.

Google Groups for Business

Ability to create mailing lists and share content.

Google Apps Vault (subject to fees)

Provides archiving, information disclosure, and information governance capabilities.


KDDI Business ID

A tool to enhance security, example enhancements include the setting of user-specific access location limitations and multifactor authentication.

System requirements

Google Drive for Work System requirements

  • *Access to external site.

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