KDDI Global Supply Program

Worldwide support of procurement of your ICT devices

Available in all KDDI international offices.
*Please inquire us to know if we provide services in your location.

Got problems? We've got solutions!

What is the most suitable hardware/network for the business?

What is the market price in the country?

Which local vendors are reliable?

Choices of equipments to meet your needs

No need to negotiate to local vendors, leave it to all us!
We will coordinate with multiple vendors/suppliers and come back to you with a comprehensive proposal.

Giving you the best price for small and large requirements

KDDI has a long relationship with local hardware vendors from purchasing both our own and customers' hardware. Leveraging this strong relationship, we provide you competitive pricing for requirements even as small as one desktop.

Single contract for worldwide services

Make the decision in your Headquarters, and leave the rest to us. We will organize your international hardware purchases with local vendors in the countries where your offices are located. No need for you to contact every single vendor. This type of procurement will also help you strengthen your governance of your international offices.

What is the KDDI Global Supply Program?

Partnering with large manufacturers globally, we provide customers with choices of hardware/equipment, to deliver the most appropriate IT solutions. Our "KDDI Global Supply Program" service starts from selection of hardware/equipment, procurement, through to maintenance services.

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What we provide

Personal Computers, Servers, Routers, Switches, Printers, Copy Machines, PBX, Monitors, etc.
e-mail Software, Microsoft Office, Operating Systems, Anti-virus Software, Backup Software, etc.

IT Asset Management
HW/SW listing & Exporting License Management
Standalone PCs
Application Portal
Listing HW/SW inventory. The data can be exported by CSV. Reporting MS-Office /Adobe apps Utilization. Inventorying Standalone PCs. A portal site with a list of apps which users can download.
Security Management
Diagnosing Security
Antivirus SW
INSTL Statuses Report
SW Forcible
Banned Apps Detect
& Launch Control
Diagnosing security vulnerability of client devices and indicating security in one of the 5 security levels. Reporting antivirus SW installation status. Applying the policy to enforce updating Wins OS, Adobe Reader and so forth on client devices. Detecting banned Apps and controlling launching them.
NTWK Connection
SD card
/Bluetooth Control
ISM Client Program
Detecting the CNFIG
Profile Deletion
Controlling access connections to Wi-Fi and VPN networks. Restricting access the data on SD card/Bluetooth. Restarting the ISM client program automatically whenever it is stopped. Detecting the CNFIG profile is deleted.
Apps Launching
Locating the client devices Remote Lock/Wipe Rooted/Jail broken
Device Findings
Restricting the usage of specified apps when a device is lost or stolen. Locating the lost device on Google Maps/BingMaps, helped by GPS. Remote Locking or wiping out the lost/stolen devices or a failure in compliance. Finding rooted /jail broken devices and notifying the ADMIN by mail.
Setting Up
Stringent Policy
Assigning or switching to the pre-defined stringent policy on a failure in compliance.      
Remote Management
Remote Control Software Distribution
Folder Transfer
App Distribution
& Uninstallation
Remote controlling client PCs via the premise network. Distributing software, folders and files via the premise network. Distributing and uninstalling apps on client devices.
Lease/Rental Management IT Asset Searching Gathering Questionnaire Data Entries  
Inventorying lease/rental assets and notifying/alerting about terminations in advance. Finding assets by serial number, user name, software, etc. Gathering questionnaire answers that users have provided and storing them as inventory data.  
External Media Control Collecting User Operation Logs HDD Encryption
Placing restrictions on external media such as USB memory devices. Collecting user operation logs from PCs via the Internet to reveal policy-violating activities on those PCs. Encrypting an entire hard drive, not only the OS, which provides stronger security and protects managed devices from data theft.
Behavioral detection Unauthorized device detection    
Unknown threats are detected,stopped and removed using engines that predict malware behavior. If a device without a KCI agent attempts to connect to the network, the device will be blocked and a notification will be sent to the administrator.    
  • * Depending on the node to be used, the functionality that can be provided and the price of service vary. Please contact us for details.

【KDDI Cloud Inventory】Introduction of this service.
Service introduction

【KDDI Cloud Inventory】サービスの概要
Service outline

【KDDI Cloud Inventory】Dashboard
About the Dashboard

【KDDI Cloud Inventory】Automatic Vulnerability Diagnosis
Automatic Vulnerability Diagnosis

【KDDI Cloud Inventory】Hardware Infomation
Hardware Infomation

【KDDI Cloud Inventory】Software Infomation
Software Infomation

【KDDI Cloud Inventory】End User's Operational Logs
Operational Log Acquisition

【KDDI Cloud Inventory】External Storage Devices Control
External Device Restrictions

【KDDI Cloud Inventory】Behavior-based Malware Analysis & Detection
Behavioral Detection

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