Designing the Future

KDDI is designing a "future" where people and society can establish better relationships. In addition to visual design, KDDI wishes to design the everyday life and society that lie beyond the services provided by us to bring you newer and richer lives. The KDDI corporate slogan, "Designing The Future", was born from this idea.
For example, pursuit of new potential from our customers' point of view, and consistent provision of ambitious and innovative services.For example, knowing where the world is headed and offering and striving to provide services that contribute to people's lives and to society.The ideas behind this slogan inform the goals of our every action, including KDDI corporate activities as well as the actions taken by each KDDI employee.
The combination of KDDI resources such as fixed-line phones, mobile phones, infrastructure and people produces flexible creativity. With such creativity and an ability to take bold actions, KDDI strives to create flexible and innovative values where society and people are united.

logo: Designing The Future

Global Vision

KDDI is leveraging the expertise it has accumulated in the telecommunications business in Japan to develop new businesses overseas. One example is a business collaboration agreement we signed in July 2014 with Myanma Posts & Telecommunications (MPT), under which we have entered the telecommunications business in Myanmar. Simultaneously, we are taking advantage of our global ICT infrastructure, by providing high-value-added, end to end ICT solutions to support our corporate customers' efforts to build up their businesses overseas. Thus, KDDI is consolidating its comprehensive Group strength to expand its operations.

  • note)Myanma Posts & Telecommunications

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