Content Acceleration

Advanced cache function improves website performance

Service overview

Content Acceleration accomplishes the improvement in speed, stability and reliability of websites by delivering static (cacheable) content (images, movies, Flash, etc.) via edge servers that are geographically distributed around the world.

This service is the best solution for improving the speed of websites that deliver content over long distances, in large volumes, and those that experience high traffic loads.


Speedy performance achieved by optimized routes and shorter delivery distances

Responses to static content requests are handled by the most suitable edge servers in terms of distance, server load, and other factors.

Stability and speed improved with redundancy

Content is delivered to domestic and overseas end-users via a globally distributed network of servers and delivery points.
Even under constant high-volume traffic loads or during unexpected traffic surges, the result is stable content delivery.

Better cost-effectiveness for your web platform

As much as 80 to 90 percent of static content delivery is handled by edge servers, freeing up your web servers to handle only the delivery of dynamic content, such as some of the cache misses or query processing. This reduces and balances the load in your web server environment.

Support for domestic and international content delivery

Content Acceleration supports both domestic and international content delivery. Because delivery distance is the primary cause of latency, this service is particularly beneficial to international content delivery.

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