Cloud DNS

DNS service offering high performance, reliability, and scalability

Service overview

DNS takes an extremely important role in the functioning of the Internet, and DNS performance directly affects the performance of a website. End-user requests are initially directed to a DNS service, which must always be available and needs to answer DNS queries reliably and correctly so that visitors can actually reach the website.

The Cloud DNS service is built on a distributed platform based in more than 40 countries around the world, ensuring a high degree of security, reliability, and scalability. Optimized routing ensures high performance, regardless of the end-user's geographical location.


High performance

Name resolution is performed on DNS servers located closest to the end-user.
High performance is achieved with advanced routing technology and DNS servers distributed around the world.


The globally distributed DNS servers minimize the risk of failure, ensures consistent availability, and provides highly reliable service.

High security

The globally distributed DNS servers provide greater protection from DDoS attacks and other cyber threats, minimizing the risk of costly outages.

Excellent scalability

The globally distributed DNS servers can support a virtually unlimited number of domains and any amount of traffic, making it easy to handle traffic increases.

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